New Blog, New Focus

By way of introduction, I’ll explain why I named this blog The Distance Writer. On the surface, it seems a neat and creative fusion of my two passions in life: Distance Running and Writing. But there’s a lot more to it below the surface.

When I run, something magical happens in my mind. Stories surface from the creative pool, characters come forth, plots percolate and develop. It’s exhilarating and, added to the endorphin rush from the physical exertion of running, expands my very soul.

But The Distance Writer has a darker meaning, tucked in the shadows where the cobwebs grow.

I’ve written many short stories, four of which are published. My latest, In the Wake of Silence, is featured in Slice Literary Magazine‘s current issue (Spring/Summer 2012 Issue 10 Growing Up, on bookstore shelves April 2012). But I’ve not been able to transition from short fiction to novel-length work. My first attempt, an unfinished manuscript of 22 chapters, was finally shelved last year. Attempt #2, a work-in-progress I refer to as Piper Crow, is slow-going. I’m determined to finish. I’m afraid I’ll fail. Again.

So, The Distance Writer is me, going the distance, dedicated to achieving the lifelong goal of writing a novel, despite my fears and botched attempts.

Surges and setbacks, pulled muscles and muses, triumphs of the pen and pace — all will be documented here. Cheerleaders welcome. 🙂

Thanks for visiting the start line. Gun’s about to go off. Ready. Set……GO


About Nicole Ducleroir

I write stories and I run. Sometimes at the same time, though it's really hard to read my handwriting afterwards. *Note to Self: Buy a portable recorder* To read examples of my short fiction, visit and click the Published Work or My Short Stories tabs.
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12 Responses to New Blog, New Focus

  1. Wendy Ramer says:

    Wow. So now I can’t read you on my blogger blog roll?

    • Hi Wendy! Sure you can, because I’ll be sharing posts on writing from Blogger to WordPress and vice-versa. My Blogger blog is still my primary writer’s blog. I have long wanted to blog about my running challenges and adventures but never wanted to put posts of that nature up on Blogger. With this WordPress blog, I’ll indulge in posts inspired by my running, which always seems to apply to my writing in strange, parallel universe sorts of ways. I think one can be a metaphor for the other — or perhaps better said, both are fitting metaphors for life. I have both blogs linked to my FB acct, so any new posts here or there will show up on the FB feed. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far, sweet friend! I’m going to be in FL in 6 wks, but over on the panhandle. I’ll be thinking of you, though, looking forward to when we finally find a way to meet face-to-face! ((hugs))

  2. simonclarter says:

    WordPress! Running! Finishing first novels! These are all things I can get behind, good lady. Let’s rock all the things this year, shall we? Cheers!

  3. Sarah Ahiers says:

    You can do it! You can finish that novel!

  4. DL Hammons says:

    I’ll follow you anywhere!! I really like the new you! It’s a perfect fit. 🙂

    • Hi Don!! Yeah, I was looking for a space to journal my running adventures, so this seemed to be a good place. I’ll still blog at Blogger though, on writerly things. Thanks for visiting me!! Hope the A-Z Challenge is going well!

  5. Eric says:

    Nicole, don’t give up. Runners and writers both hit that same wall, and for much the same reason. They are both mental. I shelved my first book permanently. If I ever go back to it, I will re-write from scratch. Same with my second book. Probably the same with my third. My fourth I haven’t finished, nor have I finished my fifth. They are simmering, and I plan to get back to them one day. My sixth is published in a small press. My seventh is currently being written.

    I have and had a hard time transitioning between short-story and novel. Think of sprint v. marathon. They simply are not the same thing. I will say this, though: don’t compromise your voice.

    I tried using a different voice in my novels, and it did NOT work.

    Also, avoid fluff. If you’re bored writing it, they’ll be bored reading it. Keep the story MOVING.

    I treat each chapter like a short story. They have a beginning-middle-end, but always with a door leading to the next room, wide-open and begging the reader to follow me through to the next chapter. I find that helps a lot.

    Bradbury had a hard time with novels. That’s why his books are so short.

    – Eric

    • Eric, I appreciate your comments more than you know! As you talked about the six novels you’ve worked on, your words resonated. I know I have to slog through several manuscripts, learning my way, honing my voice, and working on my craft as so many writers do, until my work is strong enough to query. It’s a journey I want to take, but fighting the insecurity is a real challenge. And having such success with short fiction does not help, haha. Before I shush my inner critic, she’s whispering how I should be better, faster. She’s a bitch, trust me 🙂

  6. summerbp says:

    I love this! 🙂 And I have complete faith in you. You will finish your novel, and then you will write many, many more. 🙂

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